• JSA JIS Q 9001-2008
  • JAB CM001

With innovative technology, we aim to become a company with high customer satisfaction and achieve a colorful future. Mikuni-Color has acquired ISO 900111 that guarantees the assurance and reliability of quality for clients under such an operation concept.

With innovative technology, Mikuni-Color wants to become a company with high customer satisfaction to achieve a colorful future.

Mikuni-Color has insisted on color from light for half a century. Since its establishment, the company has worked for the dynamic deployment of technology development to create ingenious technologies. In the past and in the future, the company will continue to accept the challenge of developing new technology. The company will contribute to the development of customers by announcing unique technologies in every scene that colors life.

  • Cutting edge technology

    Approach to development

    When we are touched by the colors of nature, we become tranquil. The colors that enrich our lives also elicit compassion and bring serenity.

  • Unlimited creativity

    Unlimited creativity

    Mikuni-Color tries to be professional in creating colors for the customer. It goes without saying that we will answer their needs. As the company starts new research, the most important consideration is the customer.

  • Approach to development

    Cutting edge technology

    Since its inception, the company continues to focus on pigment dispersion technology—the dispersion is developed to maximize the capabilities of advanced materials. Finding unknown needs has been proposed as a next-generation technology.