• JSA JIS Q 9001-2008
  • JAB CM001

With innovative technology, we aim to become a company with high customer satisfaction and achieve a colorful future. Mikuni-Color has acquired ISO 900111 that guarantees the assurance and reliability of quality for clients under such an operation concept.

Two technologies proudly offered by Mikuni-Color

Dispersion and stabilization technology as a fundamental of coloring agent that Mikuni-Color has developed is one of the important technology to support leading-edge nano-technology, whose future development is greatly expected.

The combination of these two technologies has enabled performance that had not been achieved from the ordinary dispersion technique.

Mikuni-Color designs the total product from pretreatment through dispersion, post-treatment, and quality evaluation to match the application of clients. Please feel free to contact us for any problem in the dispersion of the material. We provide the material in the state of maximum utilization for the functionality of the material of clients.

For future with dream. Potential of our technology

Started from pigment dispersion to develop into microparticulation, dispersion, and stabilization technology The latest technology from Mikuni-Color pioneers a new world aiming for the best in the industry and the world. In the future, in addition to the coloring field, Mikuni-Color would like to offer technology for every field, including energy and the environment, in addition to digital, in the domestic and overseas fields with a broad vision for technical provision in the functionality field.

Electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, strength addition, water and oil repelling property, heart resistance, wavelength control, light and climate resistance, high and low reflective ratio, anti-bacteria, and anti-pollution …