About Mikuni
  • JSA JIS Q 9001-2008
  • JAB CM001

With innovative technology, we aim to become a company with high customer satisfaction and achieve a colorful future. Mikuni-Color has acquired ISO 900111 that guarantees the assurance and reliability of quality for clients under such an operation concept.

The company started with the development of pigment dispersion liquid to replace dyes.

Mikuni-Color has worked in the field of colors, which has eternal breadth and depth, since its establishment in 1963.

In modern society, no product comes without color—clothing,prints, constructions, and TVs.Those products are colored with pigments, which are broadly categorized into dyes and pigment(colorant). Pigments (colorants)offer superior water resistance and permanent color performance as coloring agents for products from many companies and manufacturers. The market has a number of needs for using pigment instead of dyes.

Mikuni-Color is devoted to the development of coloring technology using pigments by sharpening the technique for dispersing color elements through microparticulation and has developed pigment dispersion liquid with new functionality. The pigment dispersion liquid has been deployed and applied in several industrial fields to replace dyes with pigments.

What is the value created by replacing dyes with pigments?

For example, replacing the dye for colored paper with pigment eliminates color migration. Changing the dye for writing material with pigment prevents bleeding.

Mikuni-Color proposes pigment dispersion liquid to cover the disadvantages while enhancing the advantages in areas where dyes have dominated based on microparticulation, dispersion, and stabilization technology. As a result, the company achieved the top market share of the pigment industry for colored paper, and core technologies for successful products have been born with pigment dispersion liquid for water-based writing materials, inkjet printers, and color filters.

What are the products that represent the company?

Products from Mikuni-Color are not the final product in the retail market. Therefore, you might not see the name Mikuni-Color—indeed the company’s name recognition is not so high. However, Mikuni-Color perfected its unique technology, which major companies with high market visibility may never achieve. Mikuni-Color technology has been used in the products of major companies—mobile phones, LCDs for PCs as a growing market, writing materials, inkjet printers, housing facilities, and cosmetics.

From color to function, the eternal potential of technology

Mikuni-Color has changed into a dispersion technology manufacturer to improve the functionality of raw materials from a mere pigment dispersion manufacturer of coloring agents. The unique technology of Mikuni-Color was originally developed to replace dyes with pigments. The company’s microparticulation, dispersion, and stabilization technology for dispersion through microparticulation into the nano-world is leading-edge technology. The company believes that this technology may become imperative in the field of IT, electronics, medical, automobile, and environmental science in addition to the coloring industry in the near future.

Problems of the functionality of raw materials -> Solution with microparticulation, dispersion, and stabilization technology

The role of Mikuni-Color Ltd. Mikuni-Color will respond to the problems and issues of the functionality of raw materials for clients with abundant experience and technologies. The latest technology from Mikuni-Color will pioneer a new world as the best in the industry and the world. The company offers coloring technology developed since its establishment for the energy and environment fields in addition to the digital field.