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With innovative technology, we aim to become a company with high customer satisfaction and achieve a colorful future. Mikuni-Color has acquired ISO 900111 that guarantees the assurance and reliability of quality for clients under such an operation concept.

Material + microparticulation + dispersion and stabilization = Dispersion liquid with maximum utilization of material performance

Unique technology proudly offered by Mikuni-Color This is microparticulation, dispersion, and stabilization technology.

The microparticulation, dispersion, and stabilization technology that Mikuni-Color developed to fully extract the superior properties and functionalities of pigment is an important technology required in many fields, in addition to coloring applications for printing ink.

● What is dispersion?

The dispersion process is a technology imperative for manufacturing coloring agents. Pigment as a color element used for coloring exists in the state of agglomeration as a powder. Therefore, it is difficult to disperse pigment evenly on the object to be colored, which makes it difficult to expect original and vivid coloring of pigments. Thus, the dispersion process is required.

Mikuni-Color has developed the following: Technology for ultra-microparticulation and stabilized dispersion of particles.。

It is an important technology for full extraction of functionality of raw material by dispersion of functional raw material difficult to disperse, in the field of paint, ink, writing material, paper, plastic, clothing, building material, electrical product, and electronics material, etc.

● What is microparticulation?

Microparticulation as a pretreatment of functional raw materials that are difficult to disperse results in even dispersion, which enables maximum use of the function at the same time as enabling easy use.

Mikuni-Color developed unique technology to prevent bonding particles by evolving the microparticulation, dispersion, and stabilization technology on the order of the micron to nano.

Pigments have the property that the particles tend to bond when the size becomes smaller. This means that the special technology to prevent bonding improves the quality of the particle surface. Mikuni-Color developed the technology to prevent the bonding of particles by the accumulation of research and development. Additional ingenious technology has been established. This enables a timely response to all needs even from leading-edge fields.

Mikuni-Color researches the development of microparticulation, dispersion, and stabilization technology of the next generation through aggressive communication with other fields, in addition to the industry-university collaborative development with the University of Tokyo.